run run, Collins Gallery, Glasgow (12/04–03/05/2008)
Curated by Sorcha Dallas and Alex Frost for Glasgow International
With: Rob Churm, Alex Frost, John Latham

Laura Aldridge, Rob Churm, Richard Deacon, Roger Hiorns, Alex Frost, John Latham, Torsten Lauschmann, Jason Meadows, Bernd Ribbeck, Pae White. Gregor Wright, Mary Redmond, Haegue Yang and Heimo Zobernig

This exhibition is curated by Sorcha Dallas and the artist Alex Frost and will bring together a range of local and international contemporary artists who all use a degree of application within their work, often directly referencing digital technology. The Collins gallery specializes in applied arts exhibitions and also houses a collection of important historical scientific instruments. This exhibition will present a selection of these works from the archive alongside a series of contemporary artists whose work is relevant to this context.

Technology can be briefly described as: the human use and knowledge of tools and crafts and how this affects our ability to control and adapt them to our environment. Computer technology relates specifically to the invention of calculating machines as well as more philosophical ideas that relate to the manipulation of data.

The selected artists share an interest in digital technology, digital aesthetics or employ processes that seem to reference the history of technology. They might make reference to gaming or mechanical pattern making, or use materials that have a sheer or gossamer-like effect.

Plus launch of ‘Under Key Seventeen’ by Rob Churm, published by Argobooks For further information please contact Sorcha Dallas