See-through Mask, Offsite Project, Glasgow (2004)
With Clare Stephenson and Craig Mulholland
With: Craig Mulholland, Alex Pollard, Clare Stephenson

Craig Mulholland

As co-curator of Switchspace, a voluntary organization that transforms vacant Glasgow properties into temporary exhibition spaces, Sorcha Dallas has been ardently committed to the Glasgow visual art community since the late 1990s. For the inaugural annual programme of her new gallery, Dallas has chosen to represent and promote the practices of six artists drawn from this milieu and entourage. Each could be seen to share a common interest in an opulent and perhaps romantic approach to their furtive and esoteric subject matter. Most adopt an ambivalent (and often camp) engagement with conventional media such as painting, sculpture and drawing. A fluid variety in the handling combines to produce multivalent installations and environments. The significance of their work falls equally on the haptic and the optic, on making and taking, on making things and making things up.

Craig Mulholland – Born in Glasgow in 1969, Mulholland completed his BA in Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art in 1991. MulHolland has exhibited regularly in group and solo shows in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. He currently works with a complex configuration of media, including oil painting, meticulous digital animation and phantasmagorical tableaux. Recent installations have explored abbreviated connections between music and the visual arts, focusing in particular on the mythological interplay between American modernists and bluegrass guitar maestros.

Neil Mulholland 2004

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  • Off site project featuring Craig Mulholland, Alex Pollard and Clare Stephenson*