'Lost behind a pub’s walls, Gray’s mural is brought back to life' (The Metro, 14/04/2009)

Artist Alasdair Gray has begun restoring a lost mural hidden behind wallpaper for more than a decade. The painter and writer left the Falls Of Clyde on the interior of a Lanarkshire bar in the 1960s. The 25ft-long work was commissioned by the then-owners of the Tavern Kirkfieldbank but was consigned to history after decoration changes. Now Gray is bringing the mural back to life, despite not having seen it for 40 years. The Lanark author revisited the scenes which inspired the artwork and is working with the help of newly-taken photos. He said: ‘I’m working from memory but since part of it has been obliteratied and because I haven’t actually seen it since 1969, I also went with a friend who had a camera up to Bonnington Linn, which is the area which has been the most damaged.’ The work will take about ten days to complete.