James Garner, 'Review' (Metro Life, 15/12/2008)

Featuring a selection of works that explore different modes of repetition, ranging from the idiosyncratic poetry of ee cummings to Bridget Riley’s optical trickery, rep’e.t’tion is a group show that, somewhat paradoxically given the theme, packs a surprising amount of variety into two small spaces.

In the first room, Claudia Wieser’s Proménade Géometrique III (2004-2008), consisting of grainy black and white photocopies as wallpaper, creates a strangely dislocated sense of space, with geometric shards jutting off at odd angles, Wieser’s work provides an effective backdrop to Franz West’s colourful chairs, Sue Tompkins’s text works and a Fiona Jardine collage of female body parts cut from fashion magazines that looks like some fleshy planet trying to suck you into its orbit.

In the second space, highlights include Alan Michael’s deceptively alluring paintings Flags At Rotterdam I and II (2008) and John Wesley’s Mickey and Minnie (1983), a painting in which the heads of the Disney icons are enjoyably reduced to featureless pink motifs.

If happiness really is ‘the longing for repetition’, as Milan Kundera once had it, then this show is bound to raise a few smiles.

Subject Exhibition

r e p ’ e . t ’ t i o n, Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow
With: Eva Berendes, E. E. Cummings, Fiona Jardine, Alan Michael, …